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Update because you’re not going to be seeing me much

My life has taken a rather sudden upheave this weekend, and as a result I’m not going to be around very much.

I have no phone, restricted access to car and computer, and I may or may not have food? (Idk for sure on that one yet)

Basically: my parents are moving out of state at the end of the year. They’ve been making plans for me to go with them, and I’ve been making plans to not. Now, they’ve known for a while that I don’t really want to go, but they chose to ignore that and make plans as though I did anyway.

Today, I flat-out told them that I’m not moving. My mother threw a tantrum, took away my phone and car (basically), and restricted my computer use. They’re basically disowning me, which is about what I expected.

It’s still okay for me to live with them, for now, but I have a lot to do. Between work and school, I need to go through and pack up my things, get rid of a bunch of shit, get my health insurance and transportation and finances in order, and find a place to live. With all of that, usage restrictions aside, I’m thinking I’m going to be lucky to have enough spare time to use the computer for my homework.

If you’ve got any questions, I’m doing what I can to keep deanwhereismyflannel and peteryoulittleshit up to date on the whole situation, so you can go to them for further details. I can’t guarantee they’ll give them to you.

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